Stranded Kids Corruptions (AKA Survival Kids)

Stranded Kids is one of the first games I owned as a child. It is also one of the many games I’ve never completed. In the USA it’s called Survival Kids, and it later became part of the Lost in Blue series. I shall be calling it Stranded Kids because that is what I’m used to.

Stranded Kids is about a boy or girl who gets shipwrecked on an island and has to learn how to survive. It was fun learning how to merge each item to create new things, even if some of those things were useless. I just wish that parts of the game weren’t so cryptic for my young brain, and also probably my adult brain.

I’m going to be taking my revenge on this game by corrupting the hell out of it. I will be using VineCorrupt ( which will allow me to give you a code, which you can load meaning that you can get the same results I did. I downloaded the rom at emuparidise.

If the opening crashes, then I made a quick save state to when we first see Ken on the island. I don’t know what different results you get if you pick the girl character.

Lets go!


1. Code: 0,594,990,900000,20


This is what the title screen is meant to look like.


This is what the title screen looks like after someone’s vomited a scrabble bag over it.

(After loading the save state)


Where are you? Well that’s a good question. All the more reason for the monkey to actually panic.


believe it or not you can play the game while invisible. When you’ve collected the knapsack, this happens. (Really game? You’re calling it a knapsack? Mind you this is from the same game that used the words ‘quenched’ and ‘parched’, which are words I’d expect to see from the more privileged Apprentice candidates.)


Unfortunately the pause menu fell off the screen.


Believe it or not you can still open up the items from the previous menu to equip the knife like this. Even if the clam still insists on sticking to the screen.


What’s incredible is that by tapping ‘B’ I can go through objects, and I went to the next area through the path you’re not supposed to go through yet. I might be able to finally get to all of the areas like this. Or it might crash and die, leaving me in tears.


Unfortunately the scrolling didn’t work very well and at one point it would only get me go down, leaving me here. I had trouble getting to the area to the right. Maybe the spawn point only works when you go inside the hut.

2. Code: 0,595,990,900000,20


If you named your game that, you’ll be sacked.


I’m invisible again. This time after collecting my knapsack I get what looks like fire (Perhaps from later in the game than I got previously). I could only get 1 damage from them though, so they must be gentlemanly fire.

3. Code: 0,597,990,900000,20


Right so we’ve done the bit where the monkey pokes me, but unfortunately I still don’t appear to be awake.

4. Code: 0,582,990,9000000,1200

(After loading the save state)


And today Ken will be played by… a pile of confetti! You wouldn’t think blue confetti would want to appear in this game considering his high-profile movie career, but he is known to be very humble.

5. Code: 0,583,990,9000000,1200

(After loading the save state)


Well my bag has become a visible item now as opposed to something hidden under a rock.

You can’t see this but when I press left I go very fast.


Actually you can see this because he ran off-screen. I’ll have to reload the state.

Going to my visible bag sprite just gives the message ‘Nothing here’. Apparently Ken’s eyesight isn’t as good as mine.

6. Code: 0,585,990,9000000,1200

(After loading the save state)


Ah, my game has been censored by the SCP. They must think the corruptions must be supernatural. Aint nothing that’s gonna secure you from the crash screen, my friend.

7. Code: 0,58A,990,9000000,60

(After loading save state)


On this one I can control my sleeping sprite.


Also monkey sprites keep appearing around my character when I interact with objects. This one’s blue. I have never seen the monkey coloured blue in the game before. Dunno is this is legit nighttime monkey or a complete monstrosity.


My knapsack is a green monkey. A monstrosity it is.


No Ken, that is not a clam. I shall attempt to make him eat it anyway.


The numb symbol is another green monkey sprite. No wonder, you just ate sand. That you thought was a raw clam.

8. Code: 0,59A,990,900000,20


Um, my screens darkening. I’m scared.


Look dude, you’ve been on the island for 2 minutes. You physically can’t be hallucinating yet. Maybe talking to invisible objects is a hobby. I don’t know.

I’d be more concerned about the alien spacecraft hovering above you. It’s getting very close.


Aaaannnnnd… you’re dead.

9. Code: 0,59B,990,900000,20


Ken’s ramblings have escalated to speaking gibberish to knives. I’d be very concerned about his dad’s safety.


Oooooh this place has had more than a flood hitting it. Maybe some earthquake, and probably the aliens from the last corruption.

It also looks as if the monkey is dead because he isn’t going to show up.

10. Code: 0,59F,990,900000,20


Well everything’s messed up again. Maybe it’s been attacked by a giant pair of scissors.


Whenever I scroll to the left and the right, the screen gets corrupted differently. I can even go on the sand where there should be water. Unfortunately that only causes me to disappear until I start moving again.


I couldn’t get to the canteen, but here if I scroll upwards, I can go through the trees. The objects were moving with me, until I went down again.

Unfortunately the knife won’t work. So that’s it for this corruption.

11. Code: 0,5A1,990,900000,20


Oh Daddy, what hellspawn have you given birth to this time? I shall call him pastaface.


The boat got eaten up by pages and pages of garbage data. Ouch.


The game reset, but this time the screens are more blue.


The story screens are different as well. I like this corruption.


Ooooooohhhh! Look what daddy did with the knife!


And once again the boat gets consumed by several consecutive pages of crazy graphics.

And crash.

I’ll reload from the save state.


The emotion sprites and backpack have turned into blue confetti.


Not a knife


Not a radio


definitely not a match.

Look dude, maybe before going on this trip your dad should have taken you to the doctors.


Whatever mumbo jumo you say, your knife isn’t going to talk back to you.

That’s all the corruptions I have for today. I’ll probably make a part 2 sometime.

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