Rabbits Vs Trampolines (Showdown)

It’s time for a classic showdown between two favourites! The cute and cuddly rabbits vs the elastic and extreme trampoline. Only one can win – It’s time to find out who!



Levitating People: HOW DID IT HAPPEN!!1!

Rabbits are fluffy. Trampolines are not fluffy? Why are they not fluffy? Yes it will probably make people jump less high but that doesn’t really matter. How are you supposed to stroke a trampoline?

Rabbits – 1 Trampolines – 0

You can bounce on trampolines to go really high, and you can perform tricks while in the air. If you bounce on a rabbit then it gets squished. You can’t even get much air off it. However you can train a rabbit to do tricks like hurdles. You can’t even get a trampoline to roll over. Both types of tricks are impressive, but rabbit tricks have more variety. Plus rabbits don’t speak english.

Rabbits – 2 Trampolines – 0

Rabbits pee and leave messes everywhere. Trampolines don’t.

Rabbits – 2 Trampolines – 1

Rabbits can be fun to play with due to a severe case of adorableness, while trampolines are fun to play on due to bounce factor. Sometimes Rabbits get tired and don’t want to play while trampolines don’t care whether they are tired or not.

Rabbits – 2 Trampolines – 2

People can be injured by bouncing on a trampoline and falling off, or by hitting the metal side. Rabbits can bite people which can hurt, however that doesn’t cause any major injury. However due to a misunderstanding a bunch of rabbits once had to consume the entirety of Australia (Seriously, they have the most dangerous animals in the world there, but show them a rabbit and they’ll freak.)

Rabbits – 3 Trampolines – 2
Well there you have it! Rabbits are officially better than trampolines. If you disagree, I’ll set a bunny on you.

Rabbits 2.jpg

Apparently these rabbits are supposed to be fighting, but it looks like they’re hi fiving.


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