Brainiac faked the Newton’s Cradle Explosion

So there’s this old video on Youtube where some people microwave a Newton’s cradle to poorly made ball jokes.

(Sorry, can’t resize it.)

Now here’s the thing, UK tv viewers had previously seen a Newton’s cradle being microwaved on Brainiac: Science Abuse

One video had the Newton’s cradle melting, and the other one exploded. So one video must be lying. The liars were of course the ones at Brainiac because it’s difficult to trick a Newton’s cradle into melting rather than exploding. Also they did the same thing with a CD, and ‘Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This’ loved explosions and if it exploded, they would put it in the show.

I know Science Abuse is about Abusing Science, but they even added an explanation involving the words ‘spark points’ and ‘magnetrons’.

So don’t believe everything you hear kids. You can heat up your Newton’s Cradle after all.

‘Cause you know, what’s a Newton’s Cradle if it ain’t melted?


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