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Ending Unlocked Already? Stranded Kids Corruptions Part 2

Today I’m going to corrupt Stranded Kids again.

This time I am using a save state just outside the hut on the second day in case the game crashes. This hopefully means different corruptions.

This time the corrupter will generate random bytes, this means I can’t paste the codes. But don’t let this stop you from experimenting yourself. Get the corrupter at, download some emulators and roms and it’s party time.

Previous corruptions can be found here: Stranded Kids Corruptions (AKA Survival Kids)

Corruption 1


In this one, merely walking causes the screen to shake, and going right forces me down, and the hut screen gets repeated while other graphics have gotten a bit confused.

Silly game, grass don’t grow on buildings.

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Stranded Kids Corruptions (AKA Survival Kids)

Stranded Kids is one of the first games I owned as a child. It is also one of the many games I’ve never completed. In the USA it’s called Survival Kids, and it later became part of the Lost in Blue series. I shall be calling it Stranded Kids because that is what I’m used to.

Stranded Kids is about a boy or girl who gets shipwrecked on an island and has to learn how to survive. It was fun learning how to merge each item to create new things, even if some of those things were useless. I just wish that parts of the game weren’t so cryptic for my young brain, and also probably my adult brain.

I’m going to be taking my revenge on this game by corrupting the hell out of it. I will be using VineCorrupt ( which will allow me to give you a code, which you can load meaning that you can get the same results I did. I downloaded the rom at emuparidise.

If the opening crashes, then I made a quick save state to when we first see Ken on the island. I don’t know what different results you get if you pick the girl character.

Lets go!


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Pokemon Blue Corruptions (Part 2)

Ok, let’s have another go at this. I’ve reset the doojamahicys so maybe I can get some better corruptions.

I will mention that the corrupter saves the game in a different location to where you would normally save it, so your precious save data should not be affected. But I’m not an expect on this so maybe don’t listen to me too much. :p


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Pokemon Blue Corruptions

Are you tired of playing the same old games over and over? Don’t you just want them to go completely berserk for your amusement?


Uh, ok bye then. For the rest of you, I’m going to tell you something called ‘game corruptions’. It’s when you take a game and use a program to corrupt it’s code. You can find Youtube videos with great corruption results, but I’ll be using screen shots.

Pokemon Blue 3

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