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Big Brother’s Nikki Might Be Entering The Big Brother Canada House

Big Brother’s Nikki Graham is one of the four international housemates hoping to be voted into the Big Brother House. If she gets in, hilarity will ensue, but she won’t last long and here’s why.

Nikki spin.gif

Get your ear plugs ready!

For those unfamiliar with the Canadian or American versions Big Brother, they are so different from the UK that they may as well be considered different shows.

There is no public vote, instead the house guests choose who gets evicted, and talking about nominations takes up most of the show. Each week there will be a new Head of Household (HOH) who nominates two other houseguests for eviction. Then there is the veto competition where someone can win the chance to save a nominee and force the HOH to put up a replacement. Then on the last show of the week, the rest of the house vote to evict.

At the end of the season the latter evictees (The Jury) vote for one of the final two to win.

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For those of you who are unfamiliar with Nikki and Big Brother UK, well everyone gets to make two nominations each week; the housemates with the most nominations go to the public vote; and the public vote to evict (Or more recently, to save). The nominations are personal and Nikki got nominated a few times for being very very annoying.

Lets see, she moaned about not having bottled water; she moaned about the cold a lot* and she moaned in a task about her tape player not working. In fact she moaned about almost anything.

Nikki mega tantrum 1.gif

I’ll admit that I don’t watch Big Brother UK because of too much focus on being controversial. As a result the most of a series I’ve seen is about a quarter of Series 7 (With Nikki) before getting bored. I think the show thought Nikki’s complaining was more entertaining than it thought it was. However what was more entertaining was when another housemate George was talking to someone in the bathroom about quitting and not wanting to be “gay about it”, and Nikki overhearing in the bedroom thought that George said he was gay.

But Nikki HAS to be one of the housemates voted into Big Brother Canada, because I want to see the other houseguests reactions. The other houseguests will be trying to be strategic, while Nikki said in interviews that she will want to be herself. They won’t know what to make of her. This will of course guarantee her an early exit, but it will be hilarious. Even if she did make the final 2, the jury won’t vote for her to win because they usually vote for strong game players, and Nikki has the mastermind prowess of a small child with wind.

It's a game.gif

Despite Nikki being so angry, she has appeared on Big Brother 2006, Ultimate Big Brother and Big Brother Time Bomb. I don’t know why either.

The other international house guests hoping to be voted into Big Brother Canada are Tim Dormer, an Australian who convinced a man with an emotional attachment to his beard to shave it off; Jase Wirey, an American who claims to be mature yet throws a tantrum when things don’t go his way; and Veronica Graf and Italian who was the second to be voted out of her original season, and she was immune from the first nominations. No one is quite sure what the latter is doing in the vote, maybe they just had trouble getting people.

The show won’t be broadcast in the UK, but you can vote here:

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* Big Brother Canada had an endurance competition where the houseguests each stood on a block of ice. Hope they do a similar thing this year!


If Mob Job Interviews Were Based On The Sopranos Theme Song Lyrics


Interviewer: So you woke up this morning, do you got yourself a gun?

Candidate: In bed? I’m not that paranoid.

Interviewer: I am.

Candidate: Oh really? That was a joke. Um, well obviously since I’m not in the mob right now so I don’t need to, but If there was I will sleep with a gun.

Interviewer: Alright. Did you mama ever tell you you were the chosen one.

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Why Doctor Who is Much Better Than 2001: A Space Odyssey

I’m going to answer a question. Why doesn’t everyone like what has been proposed by critics to be one of the greatest movies of all time?

2001 space

I wanted to like 2000: A Space Odyssey, I really did. I thought the scenes with the apes were made quite well. The sets were all very impressive. But the whole movie ended up being really boring for me. However the biggest problem for me is that this film is something that people are not allowed to not like. What I mean by that is that fans of this film have declared all criticism of this film to be invalid. They say “It’s because you don’t understand it”. As if me reading supplementary material would make me like it. I say no. I shouldn’t have to read supplementary material just to enjoy a film. That’s impractical. supplementary material is fine, however I need to be able to enjoy a movie by itself.

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