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Rewatching Lord of the Rings: A Fellowship of the Ring

The first time I saw The Lord of The Rings was when I was probably under 10, I went downstairs for something and I saw my parents watching the extended edition DVD. I saw a few shots of the opening battle sequence, and I hadn’t watched anything like it before. It looked impressive and the sound was amazing.

LotR Opening Scene.gif

We watched The Fellowship of the Ring as a family a day or two later and I remember enjoying it. But obviously as I was younger I didn’t really understand all of it. A lot of the fantastical elements went over my head, which makes sense because half of the words were made up. I didn’t really watch the other two films properly until years later because I didn’t have the attention span, but my sister explained a some of the film to me. For example I saw Gollum and she told me that he used to be Smegal, which really fascinated me as a kid.

It’s fascinating rewatching FotR now after seeing The Hobbit. Of course they didn’t know that Martin Freeman was going to play Bilbo so it’s Ian Holm who finds the ring, even though Gandalf says that Bilbo hasn’t aged a day yet The Hobbit is obviously in cannon with this. Also Legolas has light blue eyes in The Hobbit but brown eyes in LotR. And then I found out that Legolas was always supposed to have brown eyes but they kept forgetting to put his contact lenses in. Rewatching the film is a bit weird, is what I’m saying.

Even bland statements such as “Tell me, where is Gandalf? For I much desire to speak with him” have become funny thanks to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uE-1RPDqJAY (The video is almost 10 years old btw). Also I just to think Gandalf was awesome, but now not so much. Let’s see, he gets kidnapped in The Hobbit, kidnapped again in FotR and then he gets killed by the Balrog. Well not really. Instead he turns into Gandalf the White (I don’t remember how that happened, all I remember is that it was very silly. It was fine when all the fantasy characters all hit each other with sticks, but then it got silly.). Also he didn’t tell the Fellowship what was in the mines of Moria, so it’s like yes, of course they are going to think it’s better than a snowy mountain of pain. Now when Gandalf does something dumb I’m like “Freaking Dumbledore!”

But the film is still entertaining to watch, and now I’m older I can understand the whole Aragon king sub plot properly because I’ve seen all three films. I hope I get enjoyment from the rest of it. Actually I know I will, because Gollum is coming up. Potatoes Aye!