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Time Travel Is Overrated And Here’s Why

Time Travel is a nice idea. You get to go to whatever period you want to go to, and you can meet whoever you want, but there are more problems than it’s worth.

tardis lorry

The Chameleon Circuit’s jammed again!

First of all languages change over time, and that means you aren’t going to understand what on earth they are saying. Even if you do your research, it doesn’t change the fact that there will be errors in information, accents you’ll have to decipher and then t

There’s also how there hasn’t been a recorded incident of a time traveller “BUT STEWART WHAT ABOUT THAT MAN WHO”… Like I said, no recorded incidents of time travellers in the past. But what about the future? Well I hear things are gonna get moist, so the equipment will probably get short circuited anyway.

Personally I don’t even think time travel is possible due to the huge leap in logic needed to assume that there is a time tunnel that one could theoretically pop in and out of (And yes I know space travel technically counts as time travel, but it’s not exactly going to get me beheaded by Henry VIII, is it.). This is a good thing, because if time machines became commercially available then you just know some dipstick is gonna try and kill Hitler, meaning some one competent will take his place and we would probably lose the war. But thinking about it, someone would probably kill that dude too, and someone else will kill the dude who killed him and OH MY GOSH THIS IS SO COMPLICATED.

It might be funny if sports teams go to the future to find out the results so they can revise their tactics and win, and then the other team will do the same, and then they’ll go back and forth until the timeline would be confused about which timeline to show them, so there is some hilarity there.

The sad truth is if the time machine breaks down then there’s no one to do maintenance so you’re kind of stuck there. Still, bring a torch and you can have yourself a carnival act.

“The light goes on, and then it goes off. Now give me your money! Oh dammit the battery’s dead.”