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You Installed Windows 10 And Now You Can’t Right Click Which Is So Annoying That It Makes You Want To Pull Your Own Face Off

I think I can tell you what happened.

So you realised that Windows 10 had undone your work on making sure that the touch pad doesn’t push buttons. Cause you know, you don’t want to click something when you didn’t click anything, because that would be silly. So you abseiled deep into the mouse menu (With a safety harness of course) and disabled as many touchpad clicky things as you can.

Turns out that was bad style, Jim. But I can fix it!

  1. Settings, go to the mouse/touchpad bit. Click additional options.

Mouse 1.png

2. Click settings

Mouse 2.png

3. Ok time to fix a thing. Turns out the programmers made it so that if you disable the two finger click (Which would act as a right click), it disables right clicking altogether. Enable it again. Don’t worry it won’t make the touch pad click things again.

Mouse 3

If that didn’t fix it then, ehhh… Maybe you poured ketchup on it or something.