Pokemon Blue Corruptions

Are you tired of playing the same old games over and over? Don’t you just want them to go completely berserk for your amusement?


Uh, ok bye then. For the rest of you, I’m going to tell you something called ‘game corruptions’. It’s when you take a game and use a program to corrupt it’s code. You can find Youtube videos with great corruption results, but I’ll be using screen shots.

Pokemon Blue 3

I’m using VineCorrupt (http://www.maiddog.com/projects/corrupter/download.php) which means I can give you a short code to quickly load the corruption. To emulate Game Boy games I’ll be using BGB (http://bgb.bircd.org/), because Visual Boy Advance doesn’t work very well with this. If it crashes then you have to close the bgb emulator in Task Manager because otherwise the debug screen won’t close, no matter how many times you click the tiny little x.

(I know there’s a lot of technical stuff, but it’ll be worth it, trust me.)

Today I’ll be playing Pokemon Blue. This is a game that I never played in my childhood. I’ve only played the first parts of it on Visual Boy Advance. The space bar is a lifesaver.

I have a save state from the point where Blue is in his room, just in case the opening section crashes (Or if I get bored and want to skip the opening sequence entirely).

These are a collection of the best screenshots I’ve taken today. If you try these out then there will also be audio corruptions. Some of these may cause your ears to leak so be careful.

1. Code: 0,246,4800,109000,20

Pokemon Blue 3

This is Professor Oak. Some people call him the Pokemon Prof. Others call him a steaming pile of purple and orange garbage.

2. Code: 0,24A,4800,109000,20

Pokemon Blue 5

After loading the save state, I spawned out of bounds. Left and up brings me to a solid wall. Down also brings me to a solid wall, and also stops my walking animation. Going right makes me enter my room.

Pokemon Blue 6

No, Blue. That’s not an SNES. Why do you still have an SNES anyway? It’s like, 2015 already. Get some steam or something.

So yeah, the entire world has sort of shifted to the left, while the textures remain in the same place. I wonder what happens when I go downstairs.

Pokemon Blue 7

Of course. White screen and noise. How delightful.

3. Code: 0,24C,4800,109000,20

Pokemon Blue 8

After loading the save state, I find out that Blue is missing from the world entirely.

Pokemon Blue 9

Nope. Now he’s just falling off the screen. He’s going down without my control. It’ll be interesting to see what happens.

Pokemon Blue 10

Ok, who the hell is that and where’s my mother?

Pokemon Blue 11

I know I’m invisible, but this is not the right time to bring up your shape shifting abilities. That’s not even a form. What is that? It’s ASCII art Nyan Cat gone wrong.

4. Code: 0,24D,4800,109000,20

Pokemon Blue 12

Whoa! That’s not a screen you want to start off with.

For the first time ever I get to play the game without even choosing my name. Lets see what happens when you bring up the stats screen.

Pokemon Blue 13

The hell? How am I supposed to tell if my name is all glitched up or not?

Yeah, it’s like that all the way through.

5. Code: 0,24E,4800,109000,20

Pokemon Blue 14

That’s miles off. I’m disappointed in you, Jigglypuff.

6. Code: 0,251,4800,109000,20

Pokemon Blue 15

Jigglypuff, get down from there! You do not have a flying permit.

Pokemon Blue 16

Well I never! I do not want to know what people call you in your spare time!

Pokemon Blue 17

Hmmm… I wonder which name I’m going with.

Pokemon Blue 18

No! It’s JOHN5NEWNAME. Get it right!

7. Code: 0,252,4800,109000,20

Pokemon Blue 19

(Loaded from save state) Hey mum. What are you doing in outer space? I can’t talk to her.

Pokemon Blue 20

Oh dear. It appears as if all of the npcs have been glued to the top left of the screen.

8. Code: 0,255,4800,109000,20

Pokemon Blue 21

(Loaded from save state) After selecting the SNES, my screen goes all weird. When I reload I find out that pushing right and down doesn’t work.

9. Code: 0,257,4800,109000,20

Pokemon Blue 22

No, that’s not a pokemon centre. I have no pokemon right now so I’m curious to see what happens when I select HEAL.

Pokemon Blue 23

Ok, so this appears. Each pokeball appears one by one very slowly.

Pokemon Blue 24

Now I’m getting weird groups of textures appearing slowly one by one.

Pokemon Blue 25

Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of a fast forward button on this emulator, so I have to wait for the whole screen to fill.

Pokemon Blue 26

And what’s my reward for waiting for a painfully long time for the textures to appear? NOTHING! Just more of the same deep sound effect. I think the game is dumping more textures offscreen.

That’s all my sanity can take today. I encourage you to experiment with corruptions. There will be a lot of failures, but If you can corrupt just the right amount of code, crazy things will happen.

More Pokemon Blue Corruptions: https://almostaccordingtoplan.wordpress.com/2015/11/12/pokemon-blue-corruptions-part-2/


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