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You Installed Windows 10 And Now You Can’t Right Click Which Is So Annoying That It Makes You Want To Pull Your Own Face Off

I think I can tell you what happened.

So you realised that Windows 10 had undone your work on making sure that the touch pad doesn’t push buttons. Cause you know, you don’t want to click something when you didn’t click anything, because that would be silly. So you abseiled deep into the mouse menu (With a safety harness of course) and disabled as many touchpad clicky things as you can.

Turns out that was bad style, Jim. But I can fix it!

  1. Settings, go to the mouse/touchpad bit. Click additional options.

Mouse 1.png

2. Click settings

Mouse 2.png

3. Ok time to fix a thing. Turns out the programmers made it so that if you disable the two finger click (Which would act as a right click), it disables right clicking altogether. Enable it again. Don’t worry it won’t make the touch pad click things again.

Mouse 3

If that didn’t fix it then, ehhh… Maybe you poured ketchup on it or something.


Rewatching Lord of the Rings: A Fellowship of the Ring

The first time I saw The Lord of The Rings was when I was probably under 10, I went downstairs for something and I saw my parents watching the extended edition DVD. I saw a few shots of the opening battle sequence, and I hadn’t watched anything like it before. It looked impressive and the sound was amazing.

LotR Opening Scene.gif

We watched The Fellowship of the Ring as a family a day or two later and I remember enjoying it. But obviously as I was younger I didn’t really understand all of it. A lot of the fantastical elements went over my head, which makes sense because half of the words were made up. I didn’t really watch the other two films properly until years later because I didn’t have the attention span, but my sister explained a some of the film to me. For example I saw Gollum and she told me that he used to be Smegal, which really fascinated me as a kid.

It’s fascinating rewatching FotR now after seeing The Hobbit. Of course they didn’t know that Martin Freeman was going to play Bilbo so it’s Ian Holm who finds the ring, even though Gandalf says that Bilbo hasn’t aged a day yet The Hobbit is obviously in cannon with this. Also Legolas has light blue eyes in The Hobbit but brown eyes in LotR. And then I found out that Legolas was always supposed to have brown eyes but they kept forgetting to put his contact lenses in. Rewatching the film is a bit weird, is what I’m saying.

Even bland statements such as “Tell me, where is Gandalf? For I much desire to speak with him” have become funny thanks to this: (The video is almost 10 years old btw). Also I just to think Gandalf was awesome, but now not so much. Let’s see, he gets kidnapped in The Hobbit, kidnapped again in FotR and then he gets killed by the Balrog. Well not really. Instead he turns into Gandalf the White (I don’t remember how that happened, all I remember is that it was very silly. It was fine when all the fantasy characters all hit each other with sticks, but then it got silly.). Also he didn’t tell the Fellowship what was in the mines of Moria, so it’s like yes, of course they are going to think it’s better than a snowy mountain of pain. Now when Gandalf does something dumb I’m like “Freaking Dumbledore!”

But the film is still entertaining to watch, and now I’m older I can understand the whole Aragon king sub plot properly because I’ve seen all three films. I hope I get enjoyment from the rest of it. Actually I know I will, because Gollum is coming up. Potatoes Aye!

Robin Hood vs Cheddar (Showdown)

One is a man in green and the other is a food in yellow. Now which one is about to get gold? It’s time for a showdown!

Robin Hood


Robin Hood steals from the rich and gives to the poor. I can get cheddar for £3 down the road.

Robin Hood – 0 Cheddar – 1

Robin Hood fires arrows at targets. Cheddar fires crumbs at passers by. Unfortunately cheese isn’t very deadly.

Robin Hood – 1 Cheddar – 1

Robin Hood has a heart of gold. Cheddar has a heart of cheese. Cheese isn’t a very effective organ, so if Cheddar was alive it would die instantly.

Robin Hood – 2 Cheddar – 1

Robin Hood probably has more nutritional value than cheddar. Cheddar cannot talk.

Robin Hood – 3 Cheddar – 1

Cheese is a product from cows made with love and care. Robin Hood doesn’t exist.

Robin Hood – 3 Cheddar – 2
It’s official! Robin Hood is better than cheddar. If you disagree, then talk to the bow.

Robin Hood.jpg

Actually, I don’t think the bow is sentient either.

Phantom Limb Syndrome

Ok so I know it’s possible to feel a limb even when it’s not there. It’s called Phantom Limb Syndrome. I was going to post a clip from QI explaining it but I couldn’t find it so I have to explain it myself.

If one of your clips have come of for any reason, well the grain can still think it’s there, and it can still feel pain. Or you may sometimes try to pick things up with your nonexistent hand. It’s possible to have this with organs as well.

Well I’ve just had a haircut, and it always feels weird once I’ve had a haircut. I’m wondering if I have phantom hair syndrome.



This post was rubbish wasn’t it. But it’s difficult to think of something else when you feel weird.

Why Are My Hands Dry During the Winter?

Each winter, my hands become dry. That means they look wrinkled, veiny and feel rough. Why does this happen? Lets find out.

My Hand is Dry

My hand is a bit dry

What happens is that the cold dry air blows away the moisture and natural oils on the hands which makes it dry. Then it becomes flaky which means it’s difficult for the body to make more moisture + natural oils.

Try moisturizing your hands under the sink? The soap absorbs natural oils so that doesn’t help.

Try heating up your home? Well the warm air can hold more water vapour than cold air, which is just dumb.

I think the best solution is to lock yourself in a cage for nine months.

There’s no comedy here. I just wanted to know.

Object Profile #004: Fireworks


So one random night when I was a small child, I went out with my family into a field. That night I saw fireworks for the first time. My little brain was still processing all the shapes and colours in the world, but I had never seen anything like this before. I must have thought “Wow, little balls that explode into colourful patterns! This must be the coolest thing in the world, ever.”. I loved it. It was one night where my family could watch this and enjoy the experience.

But here’s the thing: Fireworks are like marshmallows. They’re good at first, but if you have too much of them then they just become weird.

I started to get used to fireworks year after year. Most of the time it was from my bedroom window, and they did look pretty cool. But it was just the same patterns over and over again.

Now it’s become something loud that just serves to irritate me. It’s harder to listen to things with fireworks in the background. I can also hear it at this time of year night after night. It’s not special anymore.

But does it actually annoy me as much as I think it does? To be fair the multiple nights are probably different people doing fireworks displays at different times. I do want other people to get the same magic I did. Maybe I will find it again, not now but in the future. Or maybe I would just be disappointed. I don’t know.

What I do know is, there is indeed something special about fireworks. If I don’t ever find the magic again, then maybe I can find it in something else. I don’t think it will be that difficult. After all, magic is just an unexpectance that makes you stop, wonder and feel joy.

Fireworks, I’m not sure about you. I could buy you, but I might not use you. But between you and marshmallows? Sorry, but I’ll pick the marshmallows.


Edit: 12.11.15 Still fireworks every night. You’d think they’d get bored of it after a while.

An Introduction

My name is Stewart.

The reason why I started this blog was because I was unemployed¬†and I was worried that I wasn’t being creative enough. So I started this blog as a project to talk about whatever I wanted to talk about, and to create a product that people would enjoy. I am 20 years old.

Here is me talking a photo of myself.


Here is me thinking I am taking a photo but I accidentally took a video instead.

I have graduated in Theatre Arts: Light and Sound at University, but I have also been onstage doing Musical Theatre as an A level.

I do have a strange sense of humour, but sometimes I don’t talk very much. To the point when people sometimes forget I’m in the room.

I don’t go out to socialize. When it was younger it was because I wasn’t relating to others much. I didn’t have anything to say about the things others were talking about. I also didn’t want to go to places that were too noisy and flashy, especially when it’s late (Which is when people like to socialize.). I don’t drink alcohol. Or smoke. Or drink hot drinks (I think they taste bad). Or drink lemonade (I find carbonated drinks taste painful). Orange Squash on the other hand is very pleasant.

I have been diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome which means my brain takes in outside stimuli differently, and reacts to it differently. As a result I do have anxiety, but I do try to make it work.

I think that for the last couple of years I wasn’t socializing out of habit. Besides, I’m not very talkative anyway. What’s the point in going to a place if you’re not going to say anything?

I have this new job I’m starting, and It’s going to help me get social skills that will last me for life. The hours will be long so I can’t guarantee that I will post every day from here.

This is the first time I will have employment and am excited and nervous. I feel like I have a lot to prove but also don’t want to exert myself to exhaustion.

And that’s it from here, I think. I might make this my about page, but I like the one I’ve got already.

Anyway if you find this post then hello, have a great rest of your day, and try not to sneeze too much.

To be honest, euphoria is kind of overated

So yesterday I got accepted for a great opportunity. It made me so happy that they decided that I had the qualities they were looking for. I’ve never had anything like this before, and I’m looking forward to starting.

But the change, wow. I’m going from almost nothing to all of these hours for so many days. I’ve had long hours before doing backstage theatre work, but not like this. I know the results will be worth it, but is my body going to be able to cope? I’m not sure.

So I’m thinking about this during the night and during the next day. However I also have work experience the next day.

I’ll sum up my rush of emotions as so…

Excitement of getting accepted + Worrying about not being able to cope with the changes + Worrying about not calming down in time for the work experience placement = Not a very good combination.

I was feeling so many emotions at one time that you could make an entire Sesame Street episode around it.

Sometimes euphoria can turn into anxiety if you start to worry about something, and it’s happened to me once before. It’s like you’re running on high and low emotions and it’s impossible to be neutral. However this time it was slower and less dramatic. But like I said, I needed to calm down in time for work experience.

I was thinking that I was on too much of a high so I should try to bring myself down. That only resulted in me feeling sad. It’s also difficult to eat while panicking because of your muscles shaking and your blood pumping too much.

You can’t just get your heart rate back to normal because I’m sure that’ll just make you fall over, and no one wants that.

Of course the best solution is slow deep breathing and lots of water.

I was able to remember this and barely calmed down before it was time for me to go out.

I think I did ok. As long ask no one knows then I’m alright. :p